Wine Aphrodisiac – The Love Potion

Most people incorrectly assume wine is an aphrodisiac only when it intoxicates those who drink it, but this is simply not the case. While consuming wine in excess will certainly play a part in plenty of sexual decisions, on a scientific level, a lot more is going on than one would suspect.

How Is Wine An Aphrodisiac?

Wine is an exceptionally potent aphrodisiac because it combines multiple components that create sexual tension and desire. Obviously alcohol will make both sexes inebriated, but the liquid itself causes the brain to relax and settle down. This is because increased amounts of blood is flowing to your head after every sip you take. A brain that is less stressed and willing to engage in intercourse releases endorphins with ease. Endorphins are directly related to aphrodisiacs, because desire makes us happy and determined.

Wine is also an aphrodisiac because it includes a plethora of antioxidants. Red wine in particular is a strong suggestive potion, especially for women, but any type that utilizes fruit falls into the category. The better the wine is, the better the aphrodisiac it is. This of course has nothing to do with price, but rather how the wine is treated and cured before filled in a bottle. More expensive wines are frequently more natural, undergoing a very strict process to be filtered and taste amazing on your palette. This means the fruit is less diluted and does not have artificial flavoring removing the helpful antioxidants that we crave.

Theobromine present in wine also has aphrodisiac properties. This is because it is a heart stimulant, which is why it routinely races when you have a glass of wine. With your brain on vacation and your heart fluttering, it delivers a setting that is susceptible to intimacy taking over.

Alcohol is also a substance that makes you feel flush. This is important to point out because it is a direct response to its ingredients that stimulates a change in body chemistry and behavior. When men and women choose to mate, it is because their body and mind are working in unison to communicate to them that they have a want to procreate, however impractical the idea may be.

If you are wanting a woman to feel the effects of the aphrodisiac qualities of wine, choosing one with licorice or cherries is most effective. Women love certain smells that make them feel as though they need to align imminently with a pre-selected male. It triggers an emotional response that allows their brain to calculate that the need for sex is a rational decision and one they should act upon more often than not. Scientific case studies show that the scent of licorice also arouses men as well.

Another trend is with the new spanish fly products. These “new spanish fly aphrodisiacs” are basically in liquid state and putting few drops into the quality wine can probably increase the effects from them due to aphrodisiac effects from wine itself.


With liquor, fruits ripe with antioxidants, and theobromine, it is a perfect storm as far as aphrodisiacs, and it is no surprise at all it is commonly paired with high sex drives. Incorporating red wine almost guarantees a change in mood for the better, and when taken with supplements like vitamin E, can cause an increase in pleasure.