Ylang Ylang Aphrodisiac – A Potent Essential Oil For The Senses

Ylang ylang could be a powerful aphrodisiac.It is a rampant misconception that the most successful aphrodisiacs need to be consumed, as there are several available that can liven up our other senses as well. The most well known types that are not digested involve aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is the usage of plant extracts to theoretically enhance well being, either on a physical or psychological level. Some are more advantageous than others, but they can be altogether rewarding and worthwhile, specifically pertaining to foreplay. Ylang ylang has one of the best reputations in this space, and for good reason.

What Is Ylang Ylang?

Ylang ylang is distilled in various forms, but is frequently seen as an essential oil. It is yellow flowers from the tree of the same name, and is associated with medical use worldwide. Most intriguing is how it is added to components that can be brought into your daily routine to heighten your sex life.

What Does Ylang Ylang Do?

As an aphrodisiac, ylang ylang performs very differently than traditional sex substances like ginger, chocolate, or cinnamon. It is meant to arouse you by its aroma, and has a robust smell that is unmistakable. The benefits of ylang ylang are scientifically proven, as inhaling its scent has shown positive activity in the brain in accordance with relieving anxiety and stress.

How Does Ylang Ylang Promote Better Sex?

A sensual massage including ylang ylang oil is the best of both worlds in that not only is it combining physical touch with a pleasant and pungent odor, but it also has properties that re-energize those who use it. This is particularly helpful for men who fear inadequacy or have trouble recovering during intercourse. It combats depression as well for those who harbor feelings of loneliness and rejection.

For skeptics that aren’t ardent believers in the use of aromatherapy, it should be noted that ylang ylang is an active ingredient in several perfumes. In addition to smelling nice, the goal of perfumes are obviously to attract potential partners. Ylang ylang is used in major brands because of how well they entice those interested in making love.

Like a myriad of other aphrodisiacs, ylang ylang is seen as a ‘gift’ to encourage intimacy and procreation. It is because of this it is sometimes provided to newlyweds to set a precedent of intense sex for the course of their marriage.

What Are The Best Ways To Use Ylang Ylang?

The smell of ylang ylang alone can be enough to light a bed on fire. This can be obtained either through the oil or having the floral scent dispersed from an air freshener. Its aphrodisiac qualities also come out in a bath laced with its extract. The mood it creates is romantic and causes the thought process of men and women to be more predisposed to mating with one another. Moreover, even though ylang ylang is found in feminine perfumes, men can also wear it mixed with cologne to increase the odds of attracting the attention of a partner.


Ylang ylang is easy to find and has likely been right under your nose, pun intended, more often than you’d think. Whether is be the essential oils, bath bombs, or fragrances, it is a wonderful aphrodisiac that everyone can enjoy.