Deer Antlers – Most Bizarre Aphrodisiac?

One of the most bizarre aphrodisiacs that you have likely never heard of, deer antlers have compounds that have been known to spike sexual prowess. Specifically the tips are targeted, and are broken down in three ways after they have been acquired: processed, slices, and extracts. The aphrodisiac is also referred to as ‘deer velvet,’ which focuses on the compounds within the antlers themselves. But how do they help the human body in regards to sexual activity?

How Are Deer Antlers An Aphrodisiac?

With at least 30 known amino acids, deer antlers are advantageous to having each system inside you function smoothly. Manganese, selenium and magnesium all have compounds found in aphrodisiacs, and are in abundance to generate the release of extensive energy in cells and serving as powerful antioxidants. Zinc is another aphrodisiac in deer antlers, and is essential to sperm quality and its count as well.

Those who use deer antlers to enhance intimacy note a jump in endurance, and less fatigue after sex. It is occasionally used in a tonic to clean the blood and have it flowing at maximum potential, which is obviously coveted to increase the size of libido.


Though seemingly odd, deer antlers are an aphrodisiac that are synonymous with rejuvenation and provides feelings of strength and desire. Because it increases cravings in sex for men, it is a worthwhile component to look into to add a new dimension to intimacy.

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