Mushrooms Aphrodisiac – Testosterone Builder

Different type of mushrooms with aphrodisiac effectsMushrooms are special when it comes to sex because they are one of a limited number of aphrodisiacs that enhance the production of testosterone. When we are talking about special aphrodisiac, check also spanish flies, you will be amazed by them. But let’s back to this article – what is their history and how effective can they be?

What Is The History Of Mushrooms As An Aphrodisiac?

An interesting component about mushrooms is that they evolved over time to become known as a powerful aphrodisiac. As far back as ancient Egypt, they were thought to help a person become immortal or develop super human abilities. Most people think they are simply synonymous with hallucinogens because of how they affect the brain, but they are actually full of helpful ingredients to the body.

The Legend about Hawaiian orange mushrooms?

There is a legend that Hawaiian orange mushrooms create a scent so powerful they are euphoric for women, but this has never been proven in a lab. What does have a track record, however, is how positive the zinc is in mushrooms. Zinc is an invaluable aphrodisiac in its own right because it boosts testosterone. This is essential to reaching and maintaining a high sex drive. Because zinc is the enabler of testosterone in the body, it is a worthwhile mineral to battle erectile dysfunction. Moreover, mushrooms offer anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties that streamline blood flow and ward off sickness.

How Else Are Mushrooms Associated With Sex?

Because most of the mushrooms people eat are flesh color, they have developed a reputation of looking like male anatomy. Their appearance induce thoughts of intercourse and intimacy. The top of mushrooms are also smooth and soft to the touch, generating instinctual sexual connotations.

What Is The Best Way To Consume Mushrooms?

Most of us know mushrooms on pizza and pasta, but marinating them is the best way to get their helpful elements digested quickly. Mushrooms go well with garlic, which are another easy to obtain aphrodisiac. Dousing them in balsamic vinaigrette allows you to consume them in the safest pure form while still gathering all of the zinc necessary to stimulate sexual energy.

Chinese mushrooms act as a dietary supplement, and are taken in Asia because they are one of the few aphrodisiacs that help older men increase their testosterone and lessen their level of fatigue. Though unconfirmed, it is thought to be a booster of fertility in women as well.

Side Effects?

Mushrooms can cause sickness and allergic reactions to some people who eat them. In fact, preparation is very important when it comes to ingesting them in any form. Cooking them is what makes mushrooms perfectly safe and delicious. Unlike other aphrodisiacs, mushrooms should not be eaten raw. This is beneficial for sexual foods like fruits, but some mushrooms are poisonous. If you express caution in using mushrooms in your recipes, you ensure they will not make you ill.


Mushrooms are not the most powerful aphrodisiac in the world, but certainly one of the most diverse. This is because they can be prepared with several different methods, usually depending upon which continent you are on. They can be eaten or swallowed as a dietary substance. Mushrooms are an inexpensive and fun aphrodisiac to experiment with, particularly when they are paired with spices that can help jump start maximum blood flow in vessels.