Tomato Aphrodisiac – Boosting You Libido With This Nightshade

close photo of red raw tomatoes
You’ve likely been cooking with tomatoes for years now. Despite this, you might not know that it is considered one of the world’s most powerful and natural aphrodisiacs. Have you ever noticed any sexual increase after consuming a plate of tomatoes or a tomato-laden dish?

The Tomato – The Original Forbidden Fruit?

It is safe to say that the tomato certainly once was not what it is today. It certainly hasn’t had an easy road getting to where it’s gotten to today. This is because it was so rare and fascinating at the time that it was introduced to European culture. In fact, the tomato was completely shunned when it was first introduced to the European people. Society shunned the red-skinned fruit under the pretense that it was poisonous.

Lucky, this is a myth that was quickly debunked once the French and Italian discovered just how succulent the fruit’s flesh was. It wasn’t long after this and it didn’t take long at all that the tomato was transformed. People now started referring to it as the love apple or Poma amoirs or pomme d’amour, depending on the area you were in. Slut-red in color with sweet, tangy flesh, the tomato quickly became the perfect symbol for the aphrodisiac qualities of food.

How The Tomato Can Boost That Libido

Did you know that a person’s libido is determined by biological as well as psychological, and social factors? That’s right, the biological factors deal with the sex hormones and their overall production in the body, while psychological factors deal with harmony, work pressure, stress level, and your connection with your mate. Social factors like living with a joint family of the issue of privacy can also factor in. This is why it is imperative to take advantage of certain foods whenever you can to boost your libido because it is just a natural part of life.

The tomato is one such food that can do just that thanks to its rich content of Lycopene. This powerful antioxidant is known for improving virility in men by helping them maintain a good and healthy prostate gland.

Consuming Tomatoes As An Aphrodisiac

While a tomato can be enjoyed in a number of interesting ways, it is the cooked tomatoes that will deliver the biggest burst of Lycopene. Cooking them up or grilling them with a tad of oil has shown to enhance the body’s absorption of the photochemical. Throw in a little basil and you’ll be well on your way to a healthier, sexier you. Tomato works perfectly with almost every food and bunch of other aphrodisiacs: asparagus, cucumber, avocado or garlic.