Soup No. 5 Aphrodisiac – A Bowl Of Sex Drive

Not a food for the faint of heart, soup no. 5 is an aphrodisiac based on urban legends about its impact on stimulation. Since its main ingredient is made from the penis or testes of a bull, it is for the bold, curious about how well it boosts their sex drive.

Where Does Soup No. 5 Come From?

Meals with aphrodisiac properties are common in Filipino foods, and soup no. 5 is another one on the list. Occasionally it is referenced along with balut, which also came out of the Philippines. Soup no. 5 is served more as a meal, and balut as a snack, but even though they taste completely different, they both are consumed as aphrodisiacs.

What Does Soup Number 5 Do?

Those who swear by its influence compare soup no. 5 favorably to the drug Viagra. It is said it mimics the supplement in how it can battle against erectile dysfunction, and increase blood flow to the genitalia to sustain erections for a longer period of time.

What Is In It?

Besides the testicles, soup no. 5 is made with water, chicken or pork, salt and pepper, and vegetables. The incorporation of ginger aphrodisiac also makes the soup help with your circulation, which is why blood flow improves. The inclusion of onions is optional, but if added bring yet another aphrodisiac into the soup.

When Does Soup No. 5 Work Best As An Aphrodisiac?

Soup no. 5 is not like other aphrodisiacs like wine or licorice root which can cause an increase in passionate urges in one sitting. Instead, it is a soup that should be eaten routinely over time, to have your body used to how its ingredients positively manipulate your body and mind. Adding in numerous garnishes will help you achieve pinnacle performance and stamina.

Is Soup No. 5 Safe?

The ingredients in this soup are perfectly safe, assuming your stomach can handle the magnitude of what you are eating. In Southeast Asia it is commonplace, and as such is not thought of as a big deal to consume. Some people may be allergic to a few of the components, but other than its main element, it is not much different than dozens of similar hearty soups.

Where Can You Get It?

Soup No. 5 is one of the most difficult aphrodisiacs to get your hands on. Though it originated in the Philippines, it is hard to get prepared even there. If you are seeking to try it and discover its effects on stimulation, your best bet is to acquire the ingredients of the soup separately, and then cook them together yourself. Its traditional recipe is straight-forward and relatively easy to arrange.


An interesting and worthwhile aphrodisiac to try if you make it, soup no. 5 has a pleasant taste that is heavy on broth and salt. The testicles are chewy, but not off putting when mixed with vegetables. It is potent in creating arousal in the libido, especially if eaten numerous times.