What Is The History Of Strawberry Aphrodisiac

Strawberries are known as the most sensual of all fruits, and more specifically, a potent aphrodisiac when mixed with sexually stimulating surroundings. What is most interesting about its history is that it has two separate cultures that swear by its alluring nature. Long ago strawberries were the symbol of the goddess Venus in Rome, and in France they were often distributed as gifts to newlyweds to promote fertility.

Antioxidant Fuel For The Body

Strawberries are an abundant source of antioxidants, which are frequently linked to sexuality, but not in the manner you might think. Besides being healthy for you, antioxidant properties are responsible for making men and women have a youthful exuberance and clear skin.

Vitamin C

Foods packed in vitamin C increase blood flow, which is particularly helpful for males during sexual encounters. Though currently an inexact science, vitamin C is also linked to higher levels of estrogen, which is vital for intimacy.

Magnesium, Potassium And Zinc

Like bananas, strawberries are full of potassium, and in accordance with magnesium, causes humans to be more warmed up to mating. Folate is also found in this fruit, and is a large component in supplements females take while pregnant. The seeds in strawberries have zinc in them, which is a cog in the system in the production of testosterone.


More than anything else, strawberries serve as a terrific aphrodisiac during foreplay and seduction. This is accomplished by dipping them in chocolate (another aphrodisiac) and other tasty treats. Also, the deep red color they are encased in has been attributed to desire for years. Be it red lipstick, or crimson clothing, it is a shade that generates interest from sexual partners.

Food Combinations

Why have one aphrodisiac if you can have two? Strawberries combine with other romance catalysts because it is a simple fruit and does not provide an overwhelming flavor to those who consume them. Mixed with things like avocados in salad, and bananas in baked goods, there is no limit to their sexual power. Additionally, there is a reason strawberries are intertwined with wine, as both build stimulation exponentially, specifically when they are together.

How Exactly Do Aphrodisiacs Like Strawberries Work?

The human body is filled with raging hormones, regardless of age, and people are predisposed to certain levels of arousal and sexual appetite given mood, timing and body chemistry. With testosterone and estrogen already inside us, strawberries, and any aphrodisiac for that matter, light the match to create a pleasure inferno. The same is true in nature, which is why aphrodisiacs are ever present in thousands of species, particularly beetles and mammals.


Strawberries are a cheap, tasty, and effective way to achieve prowess in the bedroom you never thought possible before. An added bonus is that studies show they work just as well in women as men, so your partner is never far behind in their sensory impact. Strawberry is powerful because it can be consumed in mass quantities and tasted with other potent mixtures. I originally wanted to put it on my top list here: myaphrodisiacs.com/top-aphrodisiacs-for-women/ but I think strawberry is really widely available and its quality is not that best anymore.