Is L-Tyrosine an Aphrodisiac?

If you have eaten avocados before, you have already been exposed to l-tyrosine. It is in the fruit, as well as other sources of food like fish, almonds, and sesame seeds. L-tyrosine synthesizes proteins in cells as amino acids. But what is its relationship to aphrodisiacs and what properties does it exhibit?

How Is L-Tyrosine An Aphrodisiac?

The neurotransmitter dopamine allows people to experience feelings of pleasure and euphoria, and it is directly induced by l-tyrosine. It is responsible for creating a drive for sex through encouraging motivation to give in to intimate urges. When levels of dopamine are low in the brain, l-tyrosine comes to the rescue and temporarily cures its craving to be released. Dopamine plays a huge role when we anticipate something we think will be rewarding or feel good. To not have this sensation is why people who lose their interest in sex struggle to get it back. Frequently they have not produced enough dopamine to initiate a positive response that demands they address it.

Because l-tyrosine is consumed in different foods, it manifests itself in multiple ways. For example, at times it will promote a positive mood in a person, and others it will give them an unrelenting appetite for sexual activity. If you are stressed out, ingesting it will calm you down as opposed to making you become affectionate. It is something that is very dependent on atmosphere and an individual’s well being.

What Does It Do In The Human Body?

L-tyrosine by itself is just a cog in the system to allow your body to function at peak performance. It assists in many areas, like temperament, productivity, and establishing normal hormone levels.

As an aphrodisiac, it spikes arousal by making you more alert and sensitive to your surroundings, including your partner. The process includes l-thyrosine helping in the production of dopamine. This dopamine then sends signals to nerve cells, and creates erections and other intimacy related changes. Without it, the probability of wanting to engage in lovemaking goes down, resulting in diminished sex drive.

Does L-Tyrosine Work Well With Other Aphrodisiacs?

Though it is not something you can have with many alternatives, if you eat foods rich in l-tyrosine you increase the likelihood of feeling a change in your demeanor. For example, when digesting it from an avocado, you are introduced to magnesium and vitamin E (also aphrodisiacs) that will enhance your endurance and give you energy.

Where Can You Acquire L-Tyrosine?

The best method to obtain the amino acid is in the wealth of foods it inhabits. It is actually preferred that you consume it this way regardless, because it enters your blood stream more quickly and begins stimulating neurotransmitters.


Not only is l-tyrosine crucial to feed your desires, it is helpful for your overall health as well. In regards to attaining thoughts of passion and pleasure, people deficient in it display low testosterone and a smaller libido. Incorporating l-tyrosine into your diet will have your neurotransmitters running smoothly to give you a renewed sense of desire towards lovemaking.